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Who We Are

'WN Custom News Service' is part of The WN Network, World News Inc., a comprehensive online global news portal. Delivering News and analysis on National and International current events, business, finance, politics, entertainment, sports and more.

Who We Help

We provide solutions for small and large public and private companies, from all types of industries. We help both new startups to top 500 incoporate market intelligence news to benefit their users.

How We Provide Better Online News Solutions

Powerful News Resource

WorldNews Network, Established in 1998. WN Network utilises over 700 online publisher partners and news sources in 35 languages. Powered by a proprietary news search engine WN has more than 25,000 articles per day. WN presents them online with over 7,000 subject and geographical categories. These resources can be refined and used to create customized news pages specifically for your business.


WN CNS is a leading provider of Real Time news and Photo content. Offering a unique, tailor-made news service to any sized businesses, associations, personals and publishers. CNS delivers breaking news in real-time, news coverage focused on business, finance and industry for the US and International Markets.

Custom Branded Solutions

Tailored designed news page on your web site, intranet, or extranet provides
your company, employees, customers with an excellent research tool and
access to breaking news and information. Enhance your content and online
presence, making your web site more effective. See different solutions packages WN offers

Online Integration

WN CNS provides various options of delivery to support clients specific requirements including Hosting, XML, Newsletter, ASP, RRS feeds.

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