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Customised News Service (CNS) essential Market Intelligence?

If you are looking for market intelligence, or real time content to build readership loyalty, CNS is the answer.

If you want your site to provide valuable breaking news on specific topics to help you and your readers keep abreast, CNS is for you.

CNS is an excellent add-on to your own website or intranet, just as much as it is useful, on its own. For more details on our packages and our service, visit Site Packages and Service Overview.

Cost Effective Solution

WN is offering much more for much less. We will actually create and maintain your news page - there is no time-consuming editing or expensive new software to deal with at your end. In consultation with you, we will design and format your news page to suit your web site and your needs.


Are WN Servers reliable?
WN has been online since 1998 and now hosting over 8,000 sites online.

Can you host my CNS site from my server?
All sites are hosted by WN, unless special exception.

Site Management

Can I change or add my own Banners / text to my CNS site?
The news cannot be changed by you. However, you are given the authorization to change the search criteria for news. Various other controls like hyperlinks, advertisements, etc. are also given to you.

What level of control do I have over my site?
You are allowed to modify the news selection criteria as often as you find necessary. You are also allowed to define the hyperlinks to other sites.

Can I place advertisements for my CNS site?
Yes! You are allowed to place adverts on the site and charge your clients for it. What's more, we even support you with our free proprietary AdSystem to help monitor the ads.

What is your policy on profit-sharing for advertisements on my CNS site?
We do not request / ask for any share in the ad revenue you gain out of your site. Any additional revenue generated from advertising of the site are your responsibility.

Customers Service

Do you provide customer support?
Absolutely. We want you to be able to get the most out of your package. That's why we provide e-mail support and live assistance. During business hours, you can consult the support representative online. All support is unlimited and free.

What is your cancellation policy?
We rarely have cancellations. Our clients are incredibly satisfied with their CNS package. We are confident of our services and offer a 28 days money-back guarantee. However, we will be happy to work with you to resolve any issues if any.

What are the payment options available?
Payment is accepted by wire transfer and Master /Visa credit card.

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