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WN Network ranks as one of the top sites for World News on the Internet, reaching around 14 million unique web users in the average month.

WN Network includes more than 6000 sites and covers 35 languages. These are categorized by geography and/or subject.

WN offers powerful targeting options - by region, country, city, industry, interests, or language. This presents advertisers with the opportunity to successfully deliver their messages to the right audience - wherever they may be.

In addition to the various WN sites, Custom News sites and News-by-email open interesting avenues for advertisers.

WN organizes news in an interesting format, combined with slideshows and broadcasts. Good positioning allows for advertisers to grab good positive attention. WN credibility has stood the tests of time and come through successfully time and again. Clients from various industries continue to avail of WN services and space as the Client List indicates.

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