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WN Custom News Products & Services

Breaking Headline News on the topic tailored to your choice through intranet, Web site or interactive application.
A market intelligence feature that provides a platform for user loyalty with quality news in real time.

Why Use WN Custom News Products & Services?

  • Diverse regional and International News available from over 800 Sources Worldwide, including more than 50,000 News articles per day.

  • Targeted News on the related topics of your choice, reported and updated every hour, every day of the year.

  • Real Time News coverage on Current and International Events plus additional content from WN Photo Journalists.

  • The WN Network includes of over 6,000 News Sites online now. A rich source for tailored News topics and site design.

  • Custom News available primarily WN hosted , XML, HTML, RSS available upon request, Web-ready media formats, including text, photos, graphics, multimedia packages, charts and more.

  • Custom News available in 35 languages

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